Wednesday, 15 February 2012


I spent some of last week painting the window of milgi in Cardiff. I'd painted the window before with Designer Violence, never on my own though, but it was a fun few days (spot the DV reference btw!). Painting on glass is strange to get used to since you see something different from each side, plus every time a bus pulls up to the stop outside you get to have a weird eye-contact moment with 20 strangers at the same time! Anyway, I think it turned out ok. My friend Charlie helped out a lot and ended up doing pretty much all the colouring which I think looks ace. It'll be there until March I think when someone else has the window for a while. If you're around the Roath area call in and have a look. I'll make you a fucking awesome coffee. :)

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Secret 7"

I helped out with a project my friend Charlie got involved with, called Secret 7". I would never usually enter these kind of things, but she sent me some photos to work with that I really liked, so I thought it would be fun to collaborate. This is the piece we came up with..'s more information